“…We had been renting out our unit in Bayview Road, Glenfield for 25 years …PJ from Harcourts just kept up an occasional polite letter, etc. When we decided to sell we contacted PJ.

The unit needed a lot of work inside and PJ met us at the property and gave us advice   When we had a job we couldn’t deal  with ourselves, PJ put us in touch with a local builder & a local lino/carpet layer.

PJ recommended we go to Auction ….  Once the property was on the market PJ informed us every step of the way with regular updates. The result we got at Auction was beyond our expectations… PJ, we only wish you were down the Lower North Island to help us find our new home.” Lynne and Tony Collings.

“…We had met PJ several times when we lived in Auckland and always found him very approachable. He sold our neighbours house for a great price and they highly recommended PJ to us.

When going to market we were a little apprehensive of the uncertain Covid times … With us being in the South Island, PJ provided us with a fair appraisal and also a marketing/management plan and suggestions of what improvements to make. PJ went above and beyond in bringing in different trades to get the house market ready. .. Each week PJ would update us with a review of the week, numbers from website enquiries, private views and open homes. His communication was brilliant …We were very happy with the outcome of our four week campaign, a good price and a tidy settlement.

We would highly recommend PJ to anyone looking to sell. A very knowledgeable real estate agent who delivers in a friendly, professional and reassuring way.” Scott & Amber Healey

“I know we could not have got through it all without you.  You answered all our questions in a way that we completely understood. Having never sold a house before we were amateurs at this but with your help and experience we managed to see it through to the end.

You were always there on the end of a phone if we needed you. And even a few visits to my care home to see me because I couldn’t come to you wasn’t too much for you.. Thank you PJ….

My daughters thought you were wonderful and I think they thought of you as family. We all did.

So thank you PJ for your kindness,  patience,  experience,  guidance and that lovely smile. ”

Gloria Dam.

‘…We had heard about PJ a lot even before we were thinking about selling our house. We met him many times at various community events in Bayview which he sponsored. He is very well known and active in the community and has a strong reputation as ‘the’ local agent with the most experience in the area.

…His knowledge of the area and the housing market in general is impressive. …All this made our decision so easy to entrust him with the sale of our house. …

….We will definitely list with PJ again and can highly recommend him as our agent of choice to anyone wishing to sell their house in the wider Bayview/ Glenfield area. ’ – Robert Foitzik & Hikma Siraj

‘…For us to ask PJ from Harcourts to sell our rental property in Spinella Drive Bayview was not a hard decision!

….Meeting PJ face to face confirmed our initial impressions that he was the “man for the job” as he is very personable, knowledgeable about the market, and able to relate to people from all walks of life. …we were always updated on buyers comments and after a 3-4 week marketing campaign, the property was successfully auctioned.

PJ is backed up by an excellent team, auctioneer Sam’s skills are amazing!!! We would definitely employ PJ again!!’ – Janice Arnold

“…As a family, PJ sold my parents home of close on 50yrs and also sold me a house some 5yrs ago.

From our past experiences, it was a very easy choice to go with PJ again. PJ gave me a very frank and honest assessment of both the market and my situation with selling a property that was slightly out of the ordinary. There was still a lease agreement that could not be broken for another 2 years.

Straight from the outset, PJ was upbeat looking at the positives, but at the same time explaining the potential stumbling blocks. There were no unanswered questions. The updates we received during the build up to the open homes, after each open home as well,  was superb.

Marketing was excellent within the limited options we had due to the lease agreement.

In short, I would be more than happy to recommend PJ to anyone either buying or selling a house.

He is a very driven, passionate and sincere real estate agent who delivers results.” – Graeme Kelner

“… Matt Lysaght and I can’t thank PJ (Pankaj Jayawant) from Harcourts Glenfield enough for the work he did for us to sell our Hale Crescent property in only 14 days. He was so professional but also easy to deal with and good to have a great laugh with. Make PJ your first point of call if you are ever thinking about selling. And don’t forget he is a great embassador for Bayview Community and Bayview School…”

Mathew & Fiona

“PJ handled the sale of our house swiftly and professionally. We found him to be friendly, personable and prompt at dealing with any queries throughout the process.” 

K.Lang and D.Wilkin. 

Glynis Kenney

“……PJ is in many ways the perfect agent: detail oriented, hard-working, and very good with people. He did such a great job when selling us our house 4 years ago, that, when we decided to sell, we knew we wanted him for the job. PJ was patient, diplomatic and always professional when discussing the sale of our house. In the end, our house sold successfully at auction and the whole process went very smoothly.

We could definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great real estate agent!”- Don & Mary

“We have just sold our property in Bayview, thanks to PJ! From the outset, we felt confident in PJ’s thorough approach to marketing the house, he presented the information clearly and talked about what lay ahead for us, planning a calendar in the early stages to keep us all on track! Thanks to PJ’s advice we were able to present the home and garden in the best possible light and he and his team did an amazing job with the photos, video and advertising.  His communication with us was exceptional and our updates after open homes and progress reports were always forthcoming – he made the whole process easy for us and  thanks to PJ’s tenacity the house sold at auction three weeks after the first open home. A true gentleman and a thoroughly nice chap as well, see you next time PJ! :-)”

Lynn & Steve Dewar

“Thank you so much for helping me sold my house. 
I am grateful that throughout the process you never pressured me….
From being a hard job it became almost a fun experience …
So thank you very much for your gentleness and kindness to me.
God bless you! “

Susan Baker

“We were stressing as selling our house and moving overseas after. But PJ made our process hassle free. We were well informed and kept up to date through our the process. In fact auction brought forward and we could sell our house for more than our expectations and within short period of time.

We strongly recommend PJ for selling your next house as he is very professional, knowledgeable about market.

Thanks PJ” Sabojben & Prakashkumar

…PJ, with his (almost Irish) sense of humour and keen intellect always managed to find common ground with everyone and gave the very best of service to myself and all prospective buyers; much time and energy spent in researching developmental aspects through the North Shore City Council and other bodies and furnishing all relevant information with tireless enthusiasm…

Maria Eriksen-Sohos

… my wife and I were looking to buy an investment property when we first met Pankaj Jayawant (PJ). After understanding our requirements, PJ showed us several properties and helped us buy the right one… Last year we decided to sell the house we were living in, to upgrade and move into another property. PJ of course was the consultant of our choice. Once again PJ handled the process very professionally. Since it was a plaster house, the sale needed much technical understanding and strategic execution. PJ handled the process with due diligence, honesty and commitment. Very perseveringly PJ sold the house and we were very happy with the results…

Sanjay Mathrani

13 Kennedy Ave, Forrest Hill

We got Audrey her ‘happy price’ $1,410,000! Would you like the team of PJ & Marshall Zhang to get you a similar result? Call PJ now for a Current Market Appraisal!

51 Sycamore Drive, Sunnynook

“An excellent called-forward auction. Up from $821,000 to $860,000!”

11a Morriggia Place, Bayview

“A good post-auction result. A testimony to my ‘life after Auction’ beliefs!”

… When a good offer came about, he suggested to pull the auction forward. I took his advice and my house sold in no time at all – at a price that I am very happy with… PJ certainly not only sells property, but he builds relationships, which is becoming quite rare in these fast paced times…

Gisela Thiele

… PJ ran a very efficient Auction campaign, keeping us informed at all times, and assisting us through the process. Although our property did not sell at Auction we were given a lot of confidence and reassurances by PJ, to persevere. This paid off because we got an excellent price for our property within 3 weeks after the Auction…

Yan Li & Wei Li

…Through the years you kept in constant contact with us. When you recommended the auction process, we were quite sceptical at first, but with your reassurances we decided to go ahead – and we were not disappointed! Your auctioneer worked his magic on the day, and we were really impressed with his overall performance as well. We are now embarking on a start in Whangarei, and will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is considering your services…

Ron & Diane Vesly

…After unsuccessful attempts at selling our home through other agencies, we decided to use the services of PJ, who over the years we noted had many listings in and around our area… He was quick to action and although was away from the country at the beginning of the campaign, he kept in constant contact and ensured our campaign received the attention he promised… He was a good negotiator and acted with integrity through the process. We wholeheartedly recommend his services and will use them again without hesitation…

Erryl & Eleanor D’Sylva

… It was not an easy process for PJ as our tenants often made it difficult but PJ remained professional and continued to promote our property despite trying circumstances. I feel he definitely had our best interests at heart and proved this in the final negotiation period when encouraging a sale with another agents clients over his own because it was a better deal for us…

Paula & Darren Midgley

… It is with many years in Property Maintenance, including buying and selling houses and being a Landlord that I feel I have developed a good understanding of what makes a good, successful, and fair Real Estate Agent. So as I went about the task of renovating my son’s property before sale, I was fortunate to observe first hand your very professional, efficient and courteous approach to the sale of the house next door. It was from these observations of your all round performance that I decided to drop the Agent I had in mind and appoint you as my selling agent. Indeed it was the right decision for not only did you seal a sale on my son’s property within 3 weeks, you also obtained the selling price he wanted…

John Christianson

… In the end the decision to go with PJ was an easy one. He was the only agent who always answered his phone and rang us back when he said he would… trying to sell a house in the middle of winter with the economy coming out of a recession and the banks asking 20% deposit was certainly not the easiest task but PJ persevered. In the end we got exactly the price we wanted…

Emma Humphrey & John Head

… We didn’t know he was really that capable: he sold our house 5 days after the open home – through a short term notice auction! If you are looking for a good real estate agent, Pankaj is definitely the right choice…

Kane & Linda

… For us it was a natural choice to approach PJ also for the sale of our house this year. He has been extremely knowledgeable of the market and the area, and advised us professionally on sales strategies and presentation of the property… In the end the auction was brought forward to only a few days after the first (and only) open home… We recommend PJ with a very good conscience to anyone with the desire to sell their home, and we have done so already…

Friederike, Guy & Stella Kloss

… We were a little apprehensive as we were selling from the other end of the country… His communication was excellent, we were well informed on the different methods to sell and we were kept up to date through the whole hassle free process. PJ was very thorough and got us what we were wanting via auction. We wouldn’t have been confident selling in our position with any other agent…

Nic & Kim Coll

… As we had been living in the property for many years, we had a lot to do before it was ready to put on the market. During this time PJ did not pressure us in any way, but gave us great advice as to how to proceed with this mammoth task!… When at last we were ready to put the house on the market a whole year later, PJ quickly and efficiently put into action a four week Auction campaign conducting the ‘Open Homes’ in a very enthusiastic and professional manner… We would have no hesitation in recommending PJ to anyone wishing to sell their house…

Elaine & Tony Ferguson

… After attempts to sell the house with various agents we had chosen PJ as our exclusive agent for the sale of our property. I must say that it has been a relatively long and unpredictable journey due to the global and local economic turmoil but PJ has led to us a successful sale at the end. PJ was always professional, helpful and always one step ahead no matter what the market situation was…

George & Natalia Janevski

…PJ was able to appraise the house and give me some good recommendations on things that needed fixing to get the house up to a good standard. He then had tradesmen complete quotes and gave them access to the house once I had selected the tradesmen to complete the job. PJ’s help in this area meant that I didn’t need to make a trip back to oversee any of this decision making and repair work… I have no hesitation in recommending PJ to anyone wishing to sell their house. His knowledge and understanding of the Glenfield area is second to none – Thanks PJ!..

Andrea Steen

… I recently needed to sell my house urgently due to personal circumstances. I was aware this was going to be difficult due to two factors:
1. The market was at a low ebb, and
2. My house was a renovated ‘leaky building’.
The house had been completely repaired and had a Code of Compliance, but there was still an issue of prospective buyers being suspicious of any property which had the label of a leaky building… The house was sold successfully, and the outcome was great. A real WIN-WIN situation for both of us and the buyer…

Rhonda Jackson

… One of the most difficult aspects of a property sale is the creation of sufficient interest in prospective buyers to attend an open home. I must congratulate PJ on the volume of prospective buyers that attended the open home every week for four consecutive weeks; in comparison to surrounding properties we had the most foot traffic…

Darryl Grauman

… But what surprised and impressed me most of all was how PJ went out of his way to assist with things that were well beyond his remit and beyond my expectations. For instance, PJ assisted in getting maintenance work done on the property before the open days – organised quotes, haggled about price on my behalf and made sure the work got done…

Diane Christensen

… We appreciated being able to ring him up on occasion to ask him about properties we were looking at and always found him to be very friendly and helpful… Before we purchased, PJ spent a lot of time with us giving us a detailed appraisal of our house and recommendations of which improvements would get the maximum sale price… We don’t hesitate to recommend PJ as a thoroughly professional and very competent real estate agent…

Michael & Hannah Posthuma
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