All Properties Sold by PJ

11 Queen Natalie Pl., Massey
3/64 Chartwell Ave., Glenfield
2/15a Heathglen Place, Bayview
1/41 Simon Ellice
67 Bayview Road
54 Simon Ellice
120 Spinella Drive
41 Hale Crescent
106 Lynn Road
1/58 Manuka Rd, Bayview
2/10 Ellice Rd, Totaravale
24 Chedworth Dr, Glenfield
16 Leigh Tce, Bayview
90a Manuka Rd, Bayview
15 Houston Pl, Bayview
75 Spinella Dr, Bayview
104a Verran Rd, Birkdale
121 Beach Haven Rd, Beach Haven
2/83 Manuka Rd, Glenfield
25a Havelock Ave, Forrest Hill
2/14 Battle Pl, Glenfield
15 Sapphire Pl, Bayview
44 Merriefield Ave, Forrest Hill
196 Manuka Rd, Bayview
16a Valecrest Pl, Bayview
24 Sapphire Pl, Bayview
78 Hogans Rd, Glenfield
114 Spinella Dr, Bayview
1/10 Mahara Ave, Birkenhead
5/135 Manuka Road, Bayview
4/3 John Jennings Drive, Albany
51 Hale Cres, Bayview
8 Spinella Drive, Bayview
49d Flaxdale Street, Birkdale
Unit 7, 10-26 John Jennings Dr, Albany
8 Lynn Road, Bayview
3/137A Rangatira Road, Beach Haven
4 Embassy Place, Glenfield
3/82 Manuka Road, Glenfield
45 Bayview Road, Bayview
8/135 Manuka Rd, Glenfield
73 Spinella Dr, Bayview
79a Vipond Rd, Whangaparaoa
73 Manuka Rd, Glenfield
68 Stanley Road, Glenfield
19a Bonito Place, Bayview
2/1 Mira Pl, Mairangi Bay
87B Unsworth Drive, Unsworth
1/65 High Road, Glenfield
1/51 Tramway Ave, Beach Haven
2/25 Hellyers St, Beach Haven
51 Glendhu Road, Bayview
38 & 38a Normanton St, Glenfield
163 a Glendhu Rd, Glenfield
623a Glenfield Rd, Glenfield
50 William Souter Dr, Forrest Hill
9 Spinella Drive, Bayview (2nd Sale)
38 Inglis Street, Birkenhead
6 Baltimore Place, Forrest Hill
3/102 Lynwood Rd, New Lynn
2G/11 Howe Street, Auckland City
16 Spinella Drive, Bayview
8 Ashurst Lane, Greenhithe
27a Girrahweeen Drive, Glenfield
42 Te Wharau Dr, Greenhithe
393 Wairau Road, Glenfield
1/10 Chartwell Ave, Glenfield
7A Fernwood Grove (2nd sale)
5 Glencourt Place, Glenfield
123A Lynn Road, Bayview
5 Spinella Drive, Bayview
16 Thistledew Pl, Bayview (2nd sale)
118 Spinella Drive, Bayview
10 Tamahere Drive, Glenfield
104C Target Road, Glenfield
2/176 Archers Road, Glenfield
28B Fernlea Rise, Bayview
2/22 Fernlea Rise, Bayview
65A Manuka Road, Glenfield
1/59 Neal Ave, Glenfield
2/6 Sovereign Place, Marlborough
1/633 Glenfield Road, Glenfield
20 Hogans Rd, Glenfield
21A Hale Cres, Bayview
58 Bond Crescent, Forrest Hill
1/27 Eliott Ave, Glenfield
112 Spinella Drive, Bayview
23a Ludlow Terrace, Glenfield
7E Fernwood Grove, Bayview
157 Glendhu Road, Glenfield
1/16 & 2/16 Manuka Road, Glenfield
24B Fernwood Grove, Bayview
33 Heulleur Rd., Massey
55A Bayview Rd., Bayview
17 Houston Pl., Bayview
11 Yule Pl., Massey
321 Swanson Rd., Ranui
30B Kaipatiki Rd., Glenfield
11A Ludlow Terrace, Glenfield
66 Chartwell Avenue, Glenfield
1/136 Lynn Road, Bayview
48 Hale Crescent (2nd), Bayview
2/23 Ludlow Terrace, Totara Vale
42 Houston Place, Bayview
85A Spinella Drive, Bayview;
4/135 Manuka Road, Glenfield;
17 Paramu Avenue, Birkdale;
74 Lynn Rd, Bayview (2nd sale)
192 Manuka Rd, Bayview
7c Fernwood Gr, Bayview
9/60 Birkdale Rd, Birkdale
104 Manuka Rd, Glenfield
2 Morriggia Pl, Bayview
122 Spinella Dr, Bayview
1/18 Mannering Pl, Hillcrest
2/14 View Rd, Wairau Valley
2/22 Valecrest Pl, Bayview
17 Crocombe Cres, Beach Haven
180a Manuka Rd, Bayview
64 Kennedy Ave, Forrest Hill
13 Kennedy Ave, Forrest Hill
16 Simon Ellice Dr, Bayview
230 Manuka Rd, Bayview (2nd sale)
48 Hale Cres, Bayview
19 Bonito Pl, Bayview
9b Glastron Pl, Bayview
130 Manuka Rd, Glenfield
2/159 Manuka Road, Bayview
19 Lynn Road, Bayview
97 Lynn Road, Bayview
2/459 Glenfield Road, Glenfield
12 Glendawn Place, Bayview
2/13 Sapphire Pl, Glenfield (2nd sale)
230 Manuka Road, Glenfield
4A Lanigan Street, Birkdale
2/22 Fernlea Rise, Bayview
1/60 Simon Ellice Rd, Bayview
19 Glastron Place, Bayview
1/14 Manuka Road, Glenfield
6/135 Manuka Rd , Glenfield
18a Cottam Grove, Torbay
2/25 Hellyers St, Beach Haven (2nd sale)
1/147 Kowhai Road, Mairangi Bay
2/15 Merton Ave, Glenfield
18 Thistledew Place, Glenfield
2/62 Glenvar Road, Torbay
79 Kennedy Ave, Forrest Hill
17a Valecrest Ave, Bayview
35 Kaipatiki Rd, Glenfield
7 Cheryl Place, Hillcrest
11 Greenvalley Rise, Glenfield
31 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill
117 Eban Avenue, Hillcrest
41 Balmain Road, Birkenhead
1/13 Sapphire Place, Bayview
77a Totaravale Ave, Totaravale
2/82 Verbena Road, Birkdale
4 Laser Place, Glenfield
78 Seaview Rd, Glenfield
227a Wairau Rd, Wairau
87a Unsworth Drive, Unsworth
27 Keating Rise, Oteha, (Albany)
12 Glastron Pl, Bayview
16 Thistledew Pl, Bayview (3rd sale)
3/83 Manuka Road, Glenfield
74 Spinella Drive, Bayview
19A Fernwood Grove, Bayview
9 Classic Grove, Bayview
14A Roberts Rd, Glenfield
2/26 Spinella Drive, Bayview
114 Spinella Drive, Bayview
13 Bonito Place, Bayview
19A Sapphire Place, Bayview
17 Glencourt Place, Glenfield
85 Spinella Drive, Bayview
3B Bryers Place, Bayview
1/4 Malibu Grove, Bayview
55 Lynn Road, Bayview
1/65 Hogans Rd, Glenfield
122 Spinella Drive, Bayview
35A Manuka Road, Glenfield
37 Jacaranda Ave, Beach Haven Coastal
19A Fernwood Grove, Bayview
35A Manuka Road (2nd sale)
18 Bryers Place, Bayview
140 Spinella Drive, Bayview
9 Wyvern Place, Glenfield
51 Hale Crescent, Bayview
42 Manuka Road, Glenfield
2/8 Simon Ellice Drive, Bayview
16A Hale Crescent, Bayview
134 Spinella Drive, Bayview
15 Highwood Grove, Torbay
17 Hindmarsch Street, Henderson
5/135 Manuka Road (2nd sale), Bayview
17 Thalia Pl, Totaravale
7a Fernlea Rise, Bayview
6/35 Highgrove Ln, Totaravale
47a Simon Ellice Dr, Bayview
16b Valecrest Pl, Bayview
7b Valecrest Pl, Bayview
144 Spinella Dr, Bayview
2/5 Eugen Place, Bayview
1/59 Bentley Ave, Glenfield
2 Bryers Pl, Bayview
50 Powrie St, Glenfield
141a Manuka Rd, Bayview
180 Manuka Rd, Bayview
290b Wairau Rd, Glenfield
11a Morriggia Pl, Bayview
1/131a Manuka Rd, Bayview
37 Bayview Rd, Bayview
12 Anne MacLean Dr, Bayview
2b Valecrest Pl, Bayview
30a Glen Vista Place, Glenfield
2/20 Bayview Rd, Bayview (2nd sale)
1/27 Weldene Avenue, Glenfield
132b Spinella Drive, Bayview
1/9 Tetrach Pl, Totaravale
9 Bonito Place, Bayview
12 Spinella Drive, Bayview
18b Simon Ellice Drive, Bayview
4 Abbeygate Street, Birkdale
17b Fernwood Grove, Bayview
1/48 Spinella Drive, Bayview
1/57a Birkdale Rd, Birkdale
2/26 Ludlow Tce, Glenfield
42 Spinella Drive, Bayview
19a Bonito Place, Bayview
2/33 Halberg Street, Glenfield
57a Hale Cres, Bayview
94 Bluebird Cres, Unsworth Heights
7a Chequers Ave, Glenfield
79 Spinella Drive, Bayview
47a Domain Rd, Glenfield
7 Bryers Place, Bayview
1/5 Classic Grove, Bayview
9 Bryers Place, Bayview
148 Glenfield Rd, Birkenhead
25 Blakeborough Drive, Forrest Hill
17b Paramu Ave, Birkdale
14 Packham Place, Beachaven
1/60 Trias Road, Totaravale
22 Tacitus Place, Totaravale
1/36 Fields Parade, Oteha, (Albany)
35 Old North Rd, Orewa
1/45 Velma Rd, Hillcrest
1/251 Wairau Rd, Glenfield
7E Fernwood Grove (2nd sale)
9 Spinella Drive, Bayview
2 & 2A Stanley Road, Glenfield
19B Fernwood Grove (2nd Sale)
139A Manuka Road, Glenfield
35 Bayview Road, Bayview
19 Redfern Lane, Glenfield
1/77 Manuka Road, Glenfield
18A Spinella Drive, Bayview
18 Baltimore Place, Forrest Hill
44 Lauderdale Road, Birkdale
42 Manuka Road, Glenfield (2nd sale)
17B Fernwood Grove, Bayview
2/20 Bayview Road, Bayview
22 Tacitus Place, Totaravale (2nd sale)
17 Cantina Ave, Bayview
6 Classic Grove, Bayview
1/120 Lynn Road, Bayview
6 Bryers Place, Bayview
91a Target Rd, Glenfield
130B Spinella Drive, Bayview
86 Spinella Drive, Bayview
10 Sapphire Place, Bayview
27A Sovereign Place, Marlborough
20 Bryers Place, Bayview (2nd sale)
37 Bayview Road, Bayview
7A Valley View Road, Glenfield
72 Spinella Drive, Bayview
16 Thistledew Place, Bayview
126 Spinella Drive, Bayview
22A Chivalry Road, Glenfield
2/6 Sovereign Place, Glenfield
13 Gannet Point, Murrays Bay
10A Roband Ave, Glenfield (2nd sale)
1/289 Glenfield Road, Glenfield
27 Lavery Pl., Sunnynook
1/11 Tristram Ave., Forrest Hill
1 Lynn Rd, Bayview
46 Simon Ellice Dr, Bayview
30c Brunton Pl, Glenfield
2/770 Beach Rd, Browns Bay
22 Glastron Pl, Bayview
2/102 Verran Rd, Birkdale
2/10 Manuka Rd, Bayview
29k James St, Glenfield
1375 Ahuroa Rd, RD, Warkworth
68 Meadowvale Ave, Forrest Hill
113a Zion Rd, Birkenhead
117a Lynn Rd, Bayview
128a Lynn Rd, Bayview
51 Sycamore Dr, Sunnynook
2/8 Valecrest Pl, Bayview
22a Simon Ellice Dr, Bayview
128b Lynn Rd, Bayview
27 Greenvalley Rise, Glenfield
88b Velma Road, Hillcrest
2 Eugen Place, Bayview
10a Hotspur Place, Bayview
57a Hale Cres, Bayview
172 Manuka Road
35c Rangatira Road, Birkdale
5 Glendawn Place, Bayview
32 Bluebird Cres, Unsworth Heights
18b Cypress Place, Sunnynook
39a Waipa Street, Birkenhead
2/4 Malibu Grove, Bayview
163a Glenfield Road, Hillcrest
2/181 Chivalry Road, Glenfield
9 Morriggia Place, Bayview
1/19 Chequers Ave, Glenfield
1/14 Spinella Drive, Bayview
3/104 Manuka Rd, Glenfield
57 Bayview Road, Bayview
2/13 Sapphire Pl, Glenfield (2nd sale)
2/65 High Road, Glenfield
87a Unsworth Dr (2nd sale)
7/1 Gleanor Ave, Oteha (Albany)
14B Valecrest Ave, Bayview
2 Stott Ave, Birkdale
65 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill
1 Classic Grove, Bayview
3/87 Manuka Rd, Glenfield
17 Woodhams St, Birkdale
17 Crocombe Cres, Birkdale
17 Vonnell Place, Birkdale
172A Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill
309A East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay
43 Ayton Drive, Glenfield
107 Santiago Cres, Meadowood
42/11 the Avenue, Albany
6 Exmouth Rd, Northcote
3/53 The Avenue, Albany
27/548 Albany Highway, Albany
9 Gillan Place, Bayview
2/14 Heathglen Place, Bayview
7 Bryers Place, Bayview
2/13 Sapphire Place, Bayview
127B Lynn Road, Bayview
16B Ann Maclean Drive, Bayview
5 Spinella Drive, Bayview
195 Glenvar Rd, Torbay
13A Fernwood Grove, Bayview
2/181 Chivalry Road, Glenfield
2/14 Spinella Drive, Bayview
10/41 Paul Matthews Road, Albany
14 Eugen Place, Bayview
4 Classic Grove, Bayview
74 Lynn Road, Bayview
59 Lynn Rd, Bayview
47A Domain Road, Glenfield
77 Lynn Road, Bayview
1/181 Chivalry Road, Glenfield
29/92 Bush Road, Albany
102 Awaroa Rd, New Lynn
7A Fernwood Grove, Bayview
10A Roband Ave, Glenfield
13 Eugen Place, Bayview
89 Lynn Road, Bayview
2/4 Malibu Grove, Bayview
114 Spinella Drive, Bayview
134A Spinella Drive, Bayview
90 Spinella Drive, Bayview
2/296 Glenfield Road, Glenfield
148 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill
2 Bayview Road, Bayview
20 Bryers Place, Bayview
19B Fernwood Grove, Bayview